1mm Delrin Bass

2mm Nylon Bass

​1mm Delrin Nylon


Large Variety of Guitar Straps , Some with Pick Holsters, some with Secret Money Belt built in  Custom Orders upon Request , " You design it , I'll Make it for you " 

The .88 and 1mm Standard are the most popular Pick Designs. The 1mm Jazz is a Favorite of Funksters , also work well on Mandolin and Ukelele. The 1mm Bass works well for beginners with a Larger Design Size , was Designed for Bass. But it appears that People Like using The 1mm Bass for everything from Electric, Acoustic and 12 string .The Nylon Picks are flexible with the Delrin Picks a bit stiffer and slicker, The 2mm Bass Pick is a Thick no Flex Design that people use for Different Applications. I have shredders that use the Thinnest strings and the Fattest Pick , All designs work well on whatever you Play.!

​​​​​Made of Space Age NYLON, Used on the Space Shuttle And DELRIN, A Frictionless Thermoplastic Patented by Dupont in 1959. In 1mm Jazz , .88MM, 1MM Standard and 1MM and 2MM Bass Pick. Used by Professional Musicians Worldwide. GRIPICK has proven itself Onstage and in Studios and used by Seasoned Players and Working Musicians Abroad,  for over 25 years. We also offer a Novelty Guitar Pick Shaped Like The State of TEXAS in Three sizes in Nylon and Delrin , with a Jewelery Hanger Hole in the panhandle to use for Necklaces and Key Rings. College Colors Available on Custom Orders . These are Marketed as a Novelty as a Tribute to Texas, they work well for Strumming. For Sredding you'll want The Original Gripick Designs. We also Carry a wide Range of Custom Made Leather Guitar Straps in a Variety of Colors and Designs. Along with a complete Custom Line of Rockin Roll Leather Clothing Store , 


​1mm Nylon Jazz

1mm Nylon Standard 351


​1mm Delrin Bass

Custom Made Cobra Skin Guitar Strap

​1mm Nylon Texas Bass

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